marqueyssac gardens

It’s Easter week and the kids are out of school.  Maybe I will try to keep with an Easter- Spring Event theme this week just to keep it interesting, or maybe not, we will see how it goes.  But I do have a few things to tell you about that are sort of Easter related.  Like this garden destination; the Marqueyssac Gardens in France.    marqueyssac gardens france

Easter aside, this is clearly a surreal and nearly unimaginable cornucopia of trimmed hedging but can you imagine being a kid and participating in the annual egg hunt that they hold here (this weekend)?  Even as an adult, I think my head would explode with the sheer anticipation and excitement of running through this masterpiece searching for brightly colored objects.

marqueyssac gardens

images via Marqueyssac Gardens

One Response to Garden Destinations: Marqueyssac Gardens

  1. I think you might have given me at least an excuse to visit France again. And on top of that, the château is going into our house planning folder. Meaning I fell for the architecture right away.

    Thank you for writing this blog, it’s inspirational in so many ways.

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