This is an interesting new hospitality property landscape. The Hilton Hotel Bandrung was designed by Werner Wong Design| WOW Architects. I really like the final product. It is an urban hotel, but the way in which the property was organized on to the land as described over at +mood is fascinating.

hilton bandung wow architects design condierations landscape architecture

image from +mood

Here is what I love, I love the way the furniture (of all things) evokes the volcanic nature of the surrounding geography. Honestly every other place I have ever seen this kind of furniture (with the roof sort of built in) it tends to look sort of plopped down and the roof thing doesn’t seem to have a point but here, I think it is perfect.
Also, the twisted stick-like structure that holds up the roof around the pool is visually so starkly, modern and beautiful, that when combined with the earthy quality of the pool beds, creates great dynamic design.   The composition of the whole design is really successful and I would love to be sitting with that view in the bottom picture.
hotel bandrung indonesia landscape hotel
What do you like or dislike about this design?  I look at this and think about how to translate this twisted structure into my own projects….what inspiration do you take from this design?

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