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I try not repeat myself too often, but in this case i just have to make and exception.  I first introduced you to Matt Mattus and his Plant Society magazine nearly a year ago.  It had three issues then and now there is a fourth with a fifth probably due out any time.

plant society japan issue

I am a little behind on my reading, as I just got to reading #4 today.  It was released early this year, before we had giant earthquakes and tsunamis but interestingly, it is the ‘Japan’ issue.   The gardening culture in Japan is long and strong and this issue is worth the 3 bucks you pay for it at magcloud if for no other reason but to take a visual feast of a tour (pre- earthquake).

I was happy to learn about Ume plums (which I sadly can’t grow in my zone, but you can, if you are in zone 7 or above), shokubutsu (you will have to buy the magazine to find out what that is), and the Tokyo Grand Prix (the worlds largest orchid show – which is now on my life’s to do list).  Once again, Bravo Matt.

plant society

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