tapis rouge

This installation in Jaujac, France by french Artist gaëlle villedary, not only feeds my incessant yearning for French travel, but it also so beautifully illustrates the power of lines on the landscape.   A long grassy path leads visitors through the village to the heart of this beautiful place.   It weaves  through trees, and all manner of interesting places, and you can see by the pictures how natural it is for people to follow it.

I am struck by how powerful a line can be, how it leads us, draws us, and guides us.  And I am reminded to remember this in design work.

To see more of this landscape art, visit Tapis Rouge Gaelle Villedary

(images from Tapis Rouge Gaelle Villedary)

One Response to Tapis Rouge — The Green (Not Red?) Carpet

  1. I love this ‘carpet’ look. It’s just the kind of impractical but lovely thing that makes gardens so personal. I’m a new reader, and I’m so happy to have found a gardening blog with some soul… so many are so informative (but so DORKY). Kudos!

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