Few designers and artists would deny that much of their inspiration comes from studying the natural world.  It doesn’t matter what you are creating or developing, or even if you fully admit it, it’s true.

But Edna Lawrence knew it.  She taught nature drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design and over her 40 year tenure, she, other faculty and students collected items from the natural world that populate the rooms that were once her classroom.   Over time the space became the lush green space that it is today; filled with fascinating objects that can be studied, drawn, felt and generally used for inspiration of all sorts.  After Edna’s retirement, the classroom was dubbed the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab and it is a place where students and visitors can explore the patterns, structures and interactions of design in nature and continue to make connections among art, design, and the natural world.

video from Nature lab at Etsy, images from acorn pies

check out the gallery for more images from a visit by acorn pies:


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