cricket Radio sounds of katydids and crickets

What do the crickets sound like where you live?  Mine sound similar to the Pine Tree Cricket (Oecanthus pini).  That makes sense since my house is surrounded by a pine forest.

Of course, I only know that by playing with this promo site by Harvard University Press for a new book by John Himmelman called CRICKET RADIO, Tuning In the Nightsinging Insects

The book, which has an accompanying website where you can hear John’s recordings of various crickets, aims to answer the who, what, why, when, and where of these night singers.  Apparently there is a lot  we can learn about the songs of the katydids and the messages they carry….It’s a teaser for the book  (and it has hooked me), but John claims that these songs are something we can learn from and that they can enrich our lives.

What do the crickets sound like where you live?

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