Bee hive installation bee keeper

My phone rang at 5:15 this morning.  Incredulous and startled, I ignored it, even thought I recognized the name of the apiarist that sells honey at my farmers market.  I haven’t spoken with him since last fall when we agreed that he would install two hives in my garden this year.

Then, at 6:00 there was a knock on my door (thankfully, I was now up — but still in my PJ’s).  I was greeted with a hearty ” Get up! It’s the Honey Man!”

I am dealing with an utterly unapologetic Farmer.

and by 6:25 we became beekeepers — but only in the sense of ‘we have bees on our property’ and not in the sense of  ‘I know how to take care of bees’….so for now, I think maybe I should just call myself a ‘hive hostess’.

Its 7:39 EST– how has your Monday morning been so far?

5 Responses to The Bees Have Arrived

  1. I love it! We just got our bees this weekend too, but in a ‘we’d better know how to take care of them’ kind of way. Good luck and post updates for us to see!

  2. i wish someone (preferably handsome and friendly) would start my day with ” get up its the HoneyMan” !

  3. That’s early, even for an early bird!

    I highly recommend Keeping Bees by Ashley English. I am hoping to start next spring, and I’ve found her book to be a fun read thus far.

    Can’t wait to watch your new venture unfold!

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