under our skin

I have been meaning to attend one of the many local showings of the documentary Under Our Skin in my local area (an area that is endemic for Lyme disease).  The incidence of Lyme disease is skyrocketing and since we moved to New England, everyone in my little family has at one point or another tested positive.   So the topic is a hot one for me.   The movie has lots of great information and is well worth watching if you have a chance. And now you do — if you are a Netflix subscriber.   Not sure how much longer it will be available on NetFlix ( I just discovered it the other day), but it is available right now and if you have any reason to think that you might have been exposed or have Lyme, you certainly should take some time to watch it.

2 Responses to Under Our Skin – Lyme Disease

  1. i’ve heard this doc is outstanding and terrifying at the same time. lyme disease seems to be linked to all sorts of maladies, from auto immune ones to alzheimers. it’s a must-see!!

  2. My uncle got Lyme’s many years ago when doctors didn’t believe it was real (so he didn’t get the proper early treatment) and he was misdiagnosed for many years. He had so many doctors tell him it was all in his head back then. He suffers a great deal with it still today. It is very hard on him, and also probably helped trigger his post-polio syndrome. They’ve now told him they believe he has the type that goes to and effects the brain. He fought to keep working for as long as he could, but he is now on disability. I haven’t seen this documentary, but thank you for the recommendation.

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