I have a patch of weeds that I have tried to pull twice now.  Each time I have tried to weed, the local fire ant hill swarms over my feet before I finish, causing me to run to the hose and spray myself off to stop the stinging biters.


I read on a local (New England based) landscapers newsgroup this morning that one member is using the feces and urine of her two pet boa constrictors to great effect against marauding rabbits.   And then another guy chimed in that his friend in New Jersey is using Lion manure (procured from the local zoo) to ward off everything from deer to woodchucks to rabbits.   No one seems to know how the Jersey based deer know to avoid the lion poo.  Perhaps they heard through the family grape vine of a gazelle cousins bloody murder and have decided to lay low?

Anyway, all this got me thinking that I really could use some anteater spit, so that maybe I could get that patch of weeds pulled.

image from just animal pic.

2 Responses to Wanted: Anteater Spit

  1. I was at a mall petting zoo once in the Leominster Mall and an anteater just like this one stuck his vile beak through a chain link fence and….(heavy breathing)…touched the soft underbelly of the back of my knee. That happened 35 years ago. I had kinda forgot about it till now. The horror. The horror.

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