Remember last weeks really dull garden with a dingy deck? (re-visit here) Well here is a peek at the plan that our London -based Garden Designers came up with.

colored plan of garden

The Proposed Solution

This design aims to create a stylish and contemporary space with a plethora of visual stimuli that offers opportunity for enjoyment throughout the year.

Two distinct seating areas are proposed and each is designed with a different use in mind.  The first, in the top right corner of the space, is intended to be the main focal point of the garden.  A slightly sunken conversation pit, it is enclosed within a four-poster bed style structure. Constructed from sturdy railway sleepers, this area offers ample space for lounging and serves as a visually imposing talking-point.

There is a water feature made of a large stainless steel tank fed from above by two stainless steel water blades. For comfort, large custom-made weatherproof cushions cover the conversation pit floor. These cushions can be removed and stored during inclement weather.

We will see how it all starts to come together on the ground and explore more of the design next week!

Axonometric plan of garden liz and linda earth designs

Plan view and axonometric garden view from Earth Designs.

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