Before & After: A Backyard Filled with Hummingbirds and More


Last week I received an email from Dana who writes a blog called Catnip and Mint. She sent a few photos along with a short write up and I thought you guys would enjoy it. The most remarkable part of it all is that she’s only been working on it for a year! Check it out…

backyard, makeover, before & afterYeah….a YEAR. That’s it. Gorgeous, right? I could tell you all about this space but I think she put it best: “The backyard consists mainly of salvias and lavenders, with a few citrus trees and a lovely mesquite. The garden is visited heavily by hummingbirds, and is buzzing with bees, butterflies, and lizards. I have escorted a large and destructive grasshopper off the property numerous times– but recently had the sense to place numerous water bowls/bird baths in each of the garden beds to attract more birds to linger…and eat grasshoppers.” 

I love the picture she painted; the hummingbirds and butterflies that frequent the yard sound lovely! I can’t wait until they start coming back to my own garden (which, I have to say, is a far cry from being anything close to this great.) Anyway, thank you Dana for sharing your yard with us! I’m sure everyone here will love it as much as I do. –erin

If you have a landscape makeover that you’d like to share, feel free to send us an email along with a few photos!

Images by: Dana of Catnip and Mint


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