Hey everyone! I hope you haven’t missed the not-so-weekly weekly Before & After posts over the past half month. I’m hoping that the lull was only temporary and that we can be back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.¬†Anyway, you might remember Penny’s fantastic backyard makeover that I posted sometime last fall….well, this woman has some serious drive and ambition because it looks like she’s come full circle with a brand new sideyard makeover! Check it out…


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Yep, you saw that right- another gorgeous pergola! That brings her to 2 pergola additions (that I know of, anyway) over the course of the last couple years. Penny mentions on her blog that her and her husband like to buy a house, live in it for a few years while she revamps it and then they move along, so I think this is at a new house. And if you thought the day-time version looked good, check out the magic that sweeps through when the sun goes to sleep:

061114lightSo, so pretty. The raised bed breaks up the space and adds a ton of dimension and those twinkly lights would definitely keep friends over for just one more glass of wine. If I didn’t already have so many backyard projects going on this summer I’d probably consider building one myself. Ah well, there’s always next summer…in the meantime, check out the rest of the space over on Penny’s blog, The Comforts of Home. ¬†-erin

Images from: The Comforts of Home

2 Responses to Before & After: A Beautiful Yard in the Mountains of North Carolina

  1. The gardener have done a commendable job. Its may be easy for gardener to get this type of work done, but after checking both the before and after pictures you get to know what a beautifull work is done by them…

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