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I always appreciate the thought that goes into all these great makeovers we feature on Studio ‘g’, but some of my favorites are the ones that add beauty and function. Tandra and Eric live in Sacramento, California, and they were faced with a yard that just wasn’t working for them. What was supposed to be a nice, grassy space for their dogs to hang out turned into an island of crunchy patchy grass filled with more than ample amounts of sunshine. They finally had enough and decided to create something they could enjoy.


After tons of trips to Home Depot with tiny cars (they’re anxiously awaiting the day they can buy a truck), the couple finally had the materials they needed to start the foundation: flagstone, sand, weedblock, etc. They got to work and faced the task that seems to plague just about every landscaping perfectionist: placing the flagstone. Once that was finished, they assembled the metal pergola and used IKEA balcony wind barriers to construct a canopy. Soon the rocks and plants came, and then they convinced their dogs that their was a new place to do their business (behind the privacy screen- love that!). Now Tandra and Eric have a water-wise shady retreat they can enjoy while their dogs still have plenty of space to roam and hang out. If you want to see more on the project, head over to their blog and check it out! -erin

Images from: Little Houses Big Dogs.

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