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Just a quick write up this week, but I think you’ll love the photos- I found this front yard update over at a blog called Farmhouse Life. The homeowners wanted to get rid of the overgrown cherry tree which was becoming a maintenance issue and also find a way to create a screen the view between their porch and driveway. Here is what they came up with…

07032After yanking most of the existing shrubs and plants and the surrounding corner fence, the yard was ready to embrace a new design. A beautiful Mahogany arbor was built over the brand new path and lots of new plants were placed. A few other improvements were made as well- a large ceramic urn was fitted with a pump to circulate water and a huge faux rock was brought in to hide existing pipes. A really nice makeover- you should check out the rest of the photos over here! It’s definitely worth a visit. -erin

Images from: Farmhouse Life

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