Yesterday I opened my inbox to find an email from Danny Cullerton from Aristata Land Arts. She sent along a series of before & after photos from one of her recent projects in Portland, OR and I know you guys are going to love the makeover! The landscape surrounds a beautiful old Victorian house and the re-work definitely brings out a ton of character in this lovely house! 

0724before6Here’s the front yard, basking in its new found glory. I like that Danny was able to step away from the typical landscape findings of a home from this era and swap them for a bit of a rustic modern vibe. I especially love how much larger this part of the yard feels now! The drop adds a nice bit of dimension and the wooden pathway draws the eye to the side of the house.


Of course, this isn’t a true “before” photo, but it still shows how things progressed into the next stage…


A cool new spot to hang out with friends while sipping cocktails and eating great food. Everybody needs a place like this in their yard. And that swoopy metal structure over head is pretty fantastic.




Another view of the swoopy metal thing along with¬†tons of space to lounge and chat. I’m digging the paver and flagstone patio and will probably do something similar some day for its cost effectiveness. I really love the built in bench, too. This is a wonderful makeover- I can’t even pick out one favorite thing because I love it all! Thanks so much for sharing, Danny! -erin

If you’d like to share photos of your own before & after project, send us an email and tell us about it!

Images by: Danny Cullerton


2 Responses to Before & After: A Gorgeous Transformation for an Oregon Home

  1. Wow now that’s a nice transformation, he did a great job ! Do you know how long did it take for this transformation to take place ?

  2. Is that front yard retaining wall made of steel panels? Can you tell me the name of the product? I also like that it has those small “columns” with stones inside them. Very creative.

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