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Last week I was delighted to read an email from a Studio ‘g’ reader named Mark who had sent along a few photos of his garden. He and his wife have lived in their apartment in Queens for over 20 years. What started as just an open yard has since evolved into something much more invigorating, but this is what it looked like during the early stages. The photo above was taken a little while after the start of it all, and it has filled in very nicely since.


After adding gravel, multiple beds, concrete castings and over 100 perennials, this is what the garden looks like now. It’s clear that Mark has poured a ton of time and effort into this beautiful garden! The photos above were taken from the second story of their apartment. Here are a few shots taken at ground level.




Thanks so much for sharing, Mark! Your garden is truly remarkable. -erin

Images from: Mark at Mrs. Tripleberry

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