Before & After: A Muddy Backyard Transformed

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I always thought that long, narrow yards would be the most fun to work with- they seem perfectly proportioned for an inviting flagstone path, and that’s exactly what these homeowners decided to add. What started out as a soggy, muddy back yard quickly transformed into a welcoming retreat.



After realizing that their existing yard was turning into a mucky mess, the homeowners decided that something had to be done, especially given the fact that they had a dog. As you can imagine, mud and dogs do not mix! And so, they got to work and laid this beautiful path and replaced the worn out grass with a bed of rich mulch. There’s also a section filled with teeny tiny groundcover plantings that will look great once they spread. The whole area looks a hundred times better, don’t you think? This project has me looking forward to adding my own path this year, but for now I’ll stick with some indoor projects. What about you guys? Has anyone started mapping their spring garden plans? -erin

If you have a great makeover that you’d like to share on Studio ‘g’, send us an email with a few photos and the story behind it!

Images from: Gardening with Wyatt.

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  1. Peter Roberts on January 21, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    I loved seeing this transformation! You’re absolutely right, a flagstone path is just perfect for a narrow backyard.

    I particularly like the clean cut lines in this landscaping, though it can take some maintenance to keep those paths clear, and the vegetation looking healthy.

  2. Caleb on February 11, 2014 at 11:50 am

    This is a great way to utilize a backyard that has difficulty growing healthy grass. Great job.

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