Before & After: A Shaded Hammock Retreat




Sometimes I come across these great blogs that were only in existence for a short while before their owner decided to pick up and head out, and unfortunately, The Hesitant Gardener is one of them. But judging by the projects, these people have to be pretty busy, and there’s probably no way to maintain a blog and finish projects and work and do a hundred other things. Hopefully this particular blogger is finding time to enjoy her new hammock area, because it’s pretty great.


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As you can see, there was a lot of work that went into this project, and judging by the outcome it was well worth the time and effort! This shady retreat is pretty much the most perfect hammock area I can possibly think of. Being up on a hill gives it a lot of dimension, but really, it’s the plants and paths and towering trees that I’m loving. The Hesitant Gardener is worth a quick visit if you have a minute- she posted a few really nice before and after projects that have me wishing that it was only spring. October is great and all, but here in Wisconsin we’re pretty much into winter coat season. Maybe a few more days of outdoor projects…but not enough to do anything extravagant. -erin

If you have a great before and after project you’d like to share with the Studio ‘g’ community, feel free to send us some photos and tell us about it!

Images from: The Hesitant Gardener.

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