before and after garden pondside

The only thing I am scratching my head about is the mosquito issue that this garden surely has.  New England is bad for bugs in the summer and if you have a still pond at the end of your garden, it has to be insufferable.   Clients of mine reported good results with the commercial application of Garlic oil a couple years ago, but I haven’t checked in with them recently to know if it served well long term.  Did the mosquitos build a resistance to the garlic over time?

This garden is a place I would enjoy being in.  The stone lined beds serves the local vernacular well and the planting is loose and pretty.  But what about the bugs….have you had any successes with natural control of summer biting bugs in your garden?

before and after garden ponside makeover

This garden was designed and created by Visionary Landscapes.

3 Responses to Before & After: A Visionary Pondside Garden

  1. The pond is created or a natural feature that they have now incorporated into the garden?

    A natural pond (whether man dug or not) begs for small fish. Minnow type fish = the natural fix for mosquitoes. And if you stay away from carp/goldfish the surface disturbance is minimal and you maintain that still water appearance.

  2. Why wouldn’t you use BTI, fathead minnows, or mosquitofish? That’s what I do. No problems. Why would I try something weird like garlic oil when there are proven methods that are ecologically innocuous?

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