Adjacent the the Berkeley Square hotel in Bristol England was an “embarrassingly dirty and uncared for area”.  Designer Katherine Edmonds changed that and created an oasis in the heart of the city.  What once as a car park is now an eclectic garden space that the hotel can use to host parties and events.

From the designer:

“The large garden has been divided into a number of smaller more intimate dining areas. There are places to sit in the sun and covered areas for times when the elements aren’t so kind. The chunky, green-oak furniture was made on-site and will last a lifetime, gaining character as it ages.

Bespoke features include the handmade glass table inset, which was designed and made by local Easton artist Milly Francis and, along with the wall art and the furniture, it adds an individual touch to the garden.”


What do you think of this funky space?


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