Before & After: Britton and Sarah’s Biloxi Cottage Makeover

before, cottage, makeover, exterior, front yard

The other day I got an email along with a few photos of a fantastic cottage makeover. Britton and Sarah Jones moved into their Biloxi home in 2009 and were really excited to start working on the front of their house. After painting the exterior and restoring  windows and doors, which they found up in the rafters of their garage, they started on their yard…

after, makeover, cottage, path, prune, paint, exterior, front yard

Like the beginning of many great landscape makeovers, they started by ripping out a few badly placed shrubs. The boxwoods weren’t working with the space and had been creating more of an interference than anything else, so out they went. The couple gave the existing ligustrums a pretty mega haircut and added a new walkway leading to the driveway. The two wanted something that would match the existing walkway as well as the character of the house, so they made custom forms and poured their own pavers to sizes that worked best for their overall plan.



Once the new pavers were placed, they filled the gaps with an aggregate called “Alabama Jubilee” and finished it off with some new shrubs and perennials. The entire project came in at under $1000 and Britton mentioned that it was relatively easy. Nice job Britton and Sarah, thanks for sharing! –erin

If you have a great garden related makeover project that you would like to share with Studio ‘g’ readers please send us pictures and tell us about it.

Images by Britton and Sarah Jones.


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  1. [email protected] Trekker on April 18, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    The suggested changes are quite simple, but wow the results are quite striking.

  2. Sonya on April 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    LOVE!!!! We live in Ocean Springs – PLEASE tell me where you got that aggregate (Alabama Jubilee) and also those Awnings!! I need them both DESPERATELY!!

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