Every time Drea and her husband Alex peered out of the window of their South Florida home, they were  met with nothing but this unsightly backyard view. But after what I can only assume was a lot of planning and time, things began to come together and soon they were greeted by a welcome view of a brand new backyard.


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Drea mentions on her blog that Alex was the one behind the raised bed construction, and I really love how the couple made the most of a long narrow space. What was once nothing but a humble stretch of land filled with scratchy turf has grown into a vividly gorgeous backyard, filled with summer’s harvestable bounty. They are beyond excited to be able to enjoy this space with friends and family, and I can certainly see why! You can check out Drea’s blog, Oh Dear Drea, for even more photos of this fabulous makeover! -erin

Images from: Oh Dear Drea

Also, be sure to email us photos of your wonderful landscape before & after projects and maybe you’ll see them make an appearance on the Studio ‘g’ blog!

4 Responses to Before & After: Drea’s Brilliant Backyard

  1. I came across a photograph of some ceramic fish on pinterest. There was some information on the pin reading ‘2012 Chelsea by Studio g’
    I’m very interested in commissioning the artist to make some from my garden. Is there any off chance that you may have any contact information to order these?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Dennis – This is a photo of mine – but I don’t know who the artist was. They were on a booth at the show for a glass house company (I think) – also they were not ceramic, I beleive they were metal — but I don’t know much more than that!

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