Before & After: Suzanne’s Party Ready Patio


This week’s Before & After hails from a backyard that was in pretty sad shape. Suzanne said that it took them about a week to complete the project and even tried to downplay the results, apologizing and saying that it wasn’t anything spectacular [not the exact words, but it was something like that…] Anyway, I think we can all agree that the makeover is pretty fantastic and I know I can personally say that I’d love to have something similar in my own yard!

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I know! It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?! I thought it was a very charming gathering place, especially for a late night dinner party. She has a couple photos of it all lit up after dark over on her blog, and it’s definitely worth the visit. I really like how the angled path breaks the space up a bit, it’s so much more interesting than something that was squared off would have been! I would love to see what it would all look like if that cute door was painted. At first I was thinking red but then I decided it would clash with the furniture, so for now I will just envision it as a dark inky blue. –erin

As always, if you have a great makeover you’d like to share with the Studio ‘g’ community, send us a few photos along with a brief story and maybe you’ll see it on the blog!

Images from: Bebeh Blog.

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