Before & After: The Perfect Transition for a Spanish Style Home

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Whenever I’m sifting through the depths of the internet in search of a great makeover, I like to look at the before photo and decide what I would do with the space if it was my own. Once I have a general idea, I scroll down to see what the designer or homeowner actually ended up doing. It’s a fun little creative exercise and I’ve learned a lot by doing it. What I noticed about this house was the strong Spanish architecture hidden behind shrubs that seemed too tall and out of place. I also noted a pine tree that looked a little lost and a stretch of grass that I’d want to get rid of. That was about the extent of my thoughts….but I was excited to see how the execution went 10 times further than my ideas ever would have.


Kathy Oberg, aka the Fairy Yardmother, is a Landscape Designer in California. She’s done some beautiful work that I’d recommend checking out if you have the chance. I love the way she broke this space up and how she designed the path to run right alongside the edge of the driveway, because it’s not a design choice that we see very often. Her main objective for this yard was to enhance the beautiful arched porch and provide the homeowners with a landscape that matched the style of their house. I personally think that the succulents and ornamental grasses she chose work really well here, and the curved pathway and beds definitely enhance the architecture of the house. I think she did a great job with this yard! What do you guys think? Does it give you any ideas for your own yard? -erin

Images from: Kathy Oberg/The Fairy Yardmother

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