clive rundels victorian garden

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a true expression of someone in something that they create.  Be it art, clothes, architecture, or a garden, the realization of an individual vision is what makes being a designer fun.   So even though you might look at this garden and not see the designer beauty, I assure you that it is there.

clive rundel garden

Clive Rundel is a fashion designer whose reputation for fantastic runway shows makes him the star of Johannesburg fashion week.  His garden, 15 years in the perfecting, is a study in rambling neglect.  He describes it: “Think of this as an abandoned Victorian garden with a new owner who is attempting to introduce a Japanese aesthetic,”.

Nothing is pruned (except roses) and what some would call messiness is purely by design.  It is a haven of untouched splendor – just what the designer wanted.

See more at Visi and in the Gallery.

images from Visi

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