Without question, I say Nay to the likes of the Topsy Turvey Tomato Planter thingy. I simply can’t justify tormenting my tomato plants (for no good reason) by planting them in a crap-ugly thinga-majig that doesn’t hold any water and will be a maintenance nightmare.

BOSKKE sky planters

But — Boskke Sky planters take the upside down thing to a different place. They are cute and can be easily incorporated into many garden rooms or even indoor spaces. Then there is the self-watering feature (good). But we still have the upside down plant thing that troubles me. I think I could learn to love growing something like a fern or a trailing plant in this way, but I am struggling with the flowering plants. Orchids hanging down (in an almost creepy way like they are eavesdropping) rather than reaching happily towards the sky just doesn’t seem right — and then there is the geranium…(I can’t even bear the torture of seeing an innocent plant forced to contort its flower stems to such extremes). But maybe a bar of herbs growing over the kitchen sink, waiting for me reach up and pick what I need might be nice.  I’m torn.

boskke planters
What is your take on the up-side-down planters? Do you have a use for them? Do you like how they look? Do you like to torture plants? 😉


images from Boskke

5 Responses to BOSKKE Sky Planters – Yea or Nay?

  1. I love them, and laughed out loud a little at the notion of them being an “aesthetic no-brainer.” Sounds like someone needs to get over themselves!

    Anyway, I can’t really be bothered to put up just about any hanging planter, but if I was going to, I would definitely get some of these. An upside-down herb garden in the kitchen is an awesome idea, and might top the list if I ever get a kitchen with any natural light.

  2. Agree that the green plastic ones are butt ugly – thank you for saying that! But am not against upside down-ness. Love Jolly’s idea of putting the herb garden upside down in the kitchen.

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