When I lived in London, I had a small garden, which I did nothing with.  I was a renter and it was green so I left it alone.  Except for one potted plant.  I can’t explain what my attraction was, but in my ivy green walled  grassy garden I had one plant that I purchased and it was a pole of Muehlenbeckia complexa.  It was flowerless and green, green and more green….but I was kind of obsessed with that Muehlenbeckia. It was the only plant I cared for, for two years.   I can’t explain it,  I just loved the little leaves and the black wirey stems.  I had kinda forgotten about this plant until I saw this picture this morning.


image from Mind the Gap

I.LOVE.THIS.COMBO.   Muehlenbeckia, Dark Burgundy Petunias and what is that little white flower? I am desperate to know.  And these cornucopia baskets hung with plain chain is so cool.   So I think I am once again smitten with the odd little muehlenbeckia.

Check out these cool images of this Funky plant….

Image from la Pepiniere

This quirky plant will climb or mound or mat and it retains an airy frothiness that is unlike anything else.  You can even mow it – which will result in a thickening of the stems.


image from Bakers Acres Greenhouse

Are you hooked now too?  You can search for it as muehlenbekia but it is commonly also know as creeping wire vine or maidenhair vine, but if you decide to plant it, do be careful, it can become invasive under the right conditions.

8 Responses to Muehlenbeckia – A Little Obsession

  1. Oh my gosh, WIRE VINE! You are wise to warn about its invasive nature; when nurseries around here (Northern California, Zone 9) started selling it a few years ago I was smitten, and planted one near a client’s new waterfall and pond. OH MY! It did a wonderful job of softening the rocks, and then spread 10 feet in every direction, entwining everything in its path. Now most nurseries are only selling it on topiary frames, which would be an awesome use for it! Thanks for the neat pics; I didn’t know it could be mowed, but that doesn’t surprise me! The white flower looks a saxifrage?

  2. I bought one of these for a hanging basket combo this year, and felt the same way as you, so smitten. The season is starting to wind down and I wanted to make a note to buy it again next year, and also see if I can overwinter, and buy seeds. So fun to find your post and the wonderful pics and info. Lovely blog. Thank you.

    • bethany – I have had mine in the kitchen window all summer and is very happy — I am pretty sure you can do the same all winter…when I had it in england it stayed green outside all winter, but that was in a much milder climate than I am in now (zone 5 New England) depending on where you are, it might be an option to just leave it.

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