Made Wijaya is said to be the pioneer of the ‘Tropical Costwoldes’ and ‘Classic Courtyard’ styles.  He is one of my personal design heroes having built an enviable business creating gardens in the tropics for beautiful homes owned by the likes of David Bowie and even more beautiful hotels.


I love this paving/planting outdoor floor treatment.

Mina Fong Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Made Wijaya (Michael White) landscape design garden design

The attention to detail (the loose stone and paving combo, the interesting pool bottom, the cut stone bases for the planters, etc.) are, to me, what makes this garden so interesting.  It shows how making each tiny piece a feature adds up to an overall very interesting thing to look at.

made wiyaje garden

I am intrigued by this picture, as it seems to me that by putting the terracotta pots in the gravel of the water feature, the common issue of terracotta and pottery pots drying out too fast would be much more manageable.

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