Rick Ekersley Garden

“Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Blog this as fast as you can” — that is generally the frantic thought that starts racing through my head when I come across a garden such as this.  I can’t help but get excited at the unique creativity of such a place.  Rick Eckerslely (the designer responsible for this) has moved right to the top of my list of people to watch and learn from.

rick eckersley garden australia

This garden is a made up of a series of walled courtyards.  Throughout, texture plays a strong role in the design.  The pebbles repeat, as do the bubble shapes of the lights and other ornamentation.  I am fascinated by how it all works together to create an eclectic space that flows and works together but clearly avoids matchy matchy-ness.

pebble mosaic garden rick eckersley australia courtyard

3 Responses to Garden Gallery: Rick Eckersley’s Living Out

  1. this is amazing! i bet those round globes look stunning at night. (although, if it were my space, i actually would edit out those globes and let the swirl of pebbles speak) i love the organic, natural feel of it all.those chairs are killer! i don’t quite get the choice of the popsickle-colored throw pillows, but maybe i’m just not there yet…

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