topanga canyon cactus garden by stars4esther

Cactus gardens are somewhat out of the question here in Massachusetts (at least it would be very limited and many varieties would need to be heavily sheltered), so I am understandably fascinated with the foreignness of designing a garden like this.

I can hardly imagine what it must be like to try and place plants with such hugely sculptural qualities in a way that will someday be pleasing (once they have all come into their full form).   It feels like it might be more an effort in curating a sculpture gallery than a garden.

topanga canyon cactus garden by stars4esther

The garden in Topanga Canyon, CA on Topanga Canyon Road just before it leads up into the windy part of the canyon.

topanga canyon cactus garden by stars4esther

These images were all taken by stars4ester during a recent visit.  She reports,  “The garden appears to be open to anyone who would like to walk its pathways and take in its wonderful sites. (But with a warning, the traffic at this corner is very busy, fast moving, and loud!)”.

images by stars4ester with permission.

Check out the gallery to see all the details!

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