Hampton Court – England

When is it? Hampton Court Palace Flower show takes place July 7 -12th 2009.

Ticketing? Tickets range between 32 GBP and 27 GBP depending on day and membership status with the RHS.

Indoors/Outdoors,  Facility? Outdoors, held on the grounds of the Hampton Court Palace.  Several Tent/ Marquees are erected for the show, but it’s large space allows for continued opportunities for growth.  Palace is outside of London (about 30 min train ride) but the site is well served by train, bus and ferry.

Size?  The cycle of planning for the show lasts 11 months. Last year visitor numbers were in excess of 160,000. During show week, visitors consume 31,000 rounds of sandwiches, 41,000 glasses of Pimms, 20,000 glasses of champagne and nearly 80,000 cups of tea and coffee. The Allium Restaurant (formerly Roux Restaurant) will cater for around 5,000 lunches and afternoon teas. A number of catering outlets will be serving a variety of refreshments including champagne and seafood, fish and chips and tapas.  The showground covers 33 acres.  It takes up to 3 weeks to build a show garden, and 2 weeks to build a small garden.

Organizer? The Royal Horticultural Society – England

History?  The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Flower show has been held at the Hampton Court Palace since 1989. The 2009 show will be the 20th to be held on the site.  Hampton Court is quickly challenging the Chelsea Flower Show for popularity and attendance.

This show is considered easier to see, more relaxing and more appealing to the general public.

Responses to the show…My own opinion of the show – if I have been there…reviews, blog comments…whatever I can find from people who have actually attended or participated:   I have visited the show and also built a show garden for the show.   I think this is a wonderful show and while not as prestigious as Chelsea it is more appealing to a wider audience.  My personal opinion is that this would be a good show for the NE Spring flower show to try and emulate.  The RHS shows department is an amazing group of people that know how to pull off an event that is properly scaled, mixed with vendors and most importantly publicized.  Here is a link to a page of blogs  related to the show. 


1. IMG_2298, 2. _7110957, 3. 1950s village, 4. Triangular Greens, 5. FlowerShow, 6. The Burgbad Sanctuary – Bathing Pavilion 2, 7. Medwyn’s award winning display, 8. 12/07/2008 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2008, 9. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show ’08, 10. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show ’08, 11. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2007, 12. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – July 2008, 13. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2007, 14. Flower, fruit and vegetable display. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2007, 15. Floating Market, 16. forest2, 17. DSC_0023, 18. Hampton Court Palace – Garden, 19. Show Garden “Come Rain or Shine”, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, 20. Variety at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

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