retro mid-mod mad men gardne lounge

This plan is really great.  I really *really* want to jump right in and cozy up next to that garden fire with a glass of wine.

It was designed by modern ‘Mad Men’ man and landscape architect Ted Cleary.  It’s retro vibe is certainly adding to its sex appeal don’t you think?

retro mid-mod mad men gardne lounge

There are lots of ideas to steal from this garden.  Here is my list of favorites:

1) Color Blocks can work in the Garden (loving the mustard, china blue and terracotta)

2) Think about softening the hardscaping with planting between the pavers as you go into a hardscaping corner, rather than just as you go away from it.  When you are spreading out, the effect blends and bridges, but in the corner, I find it to be surprising, lightening and softening.

3) **Love** the mantel-table water feature.

4) The layout is very ‘open plan living’ inspired.  I can almost see this layout inside a house just as easily as it sits outside.  It has me thinking about taking layout inspiration from inside architecture.

What do you notice that sparks you?

5 Responses to A Mid Mod Mad Men Garden

  1. This would be the ultimate design for me — had I the budget to carry it off. Fire, water, plants, table, bar, color, texture, sound, built-in sofa. Being an urban gardener it uses little space. All it needs is a sound system and an integrated spa and I’d never leave it. I want a gin & tonic there.

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