About a month ago Kim asked (over on the Studio ‘g’ fb page) if I knew of any great shed plans.  I didn’t then, but it inspired me to go find something cool.  I need that kind of spark sometimes, and was grateful she gave it to me.  The request also sparked an idea to encourage you to ask more questions.  I can’t promise I can answer them all — and I would prefer that you don’t start peppering me with questions about what might be eating your peppers (as much as possible, this is more of a garden design blog, not a gardening blog)…..but real design questions about gardens, products and everything related,  I’m totally in….so ask away (email or a facebook message is best for me).   I will do my best to answer (but understand it might take some time — months even).

modern shed garden plans via www.pithandvigor.com

So this post is for Kim — How about this shed plan?  It is $79 and comes with everything for a handy DIYer to pull off this cool retro modern building.

image from cadesign.

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