My son is still asleep and my husband and daughter have gone outside to work on the the new chicken coop — I should be making Birthday cake and cleaning house in preparation for the party later tonight….but….seriously I have to share this great idea fromĀ  Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff.

Gates that close with magnets — and a full set of DIY instructions for putting it together yourself…..and thus allowing for all sorts of creativity when it comes to handles for your fences….

magnetized gate latching fence

A quick brainstorming session on ideas is getting me in the mood for creative cake making…..How about using vintage car parts for a gate handles?

old car accessories for gate handles

image from make club

…or perhaps old toys and charmingly aged found bits….

toy handle art

image from old holden

Tinker toys seem to provide endless options for a modern but colorful and thoughtful detail. Handles fashioned from these would need a bit of shellac for protection.

vintage tinker toy gate handle

Of course silverware is made to be comfortable on the hand…so why not re-purpose to another hand friendly device…

vintage silverware

image by mazzorello media.

or maybe forgo the whole creative handle and magnet thing entirely and do a kick to open and auto close cannon ball variety….hmmm…any other ideas for interesting gate handles?

cannon ball gate

Have a great Sunday….see you back here (hopefully) tomorrow…

4 Responses to Garden Gate Details: Getting Creative

  1. Very good ideas, i think magnets can be very handy in all sorts of diy projects. I must try some of this myself.

    Have fun at the party!

  2. Thanks for the mention again! (I think you mentioned my post on redoing my backyard a whiel back)

    Good thinking with the vintage car parts! I wanto to use composite bones as handles for Halloween!

    Thanks again! ~ karen

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