Wouldn’t these be great garden decoration?  While buying them from p.m. feist is a quick and easy way to get the look, why not make your own personal versions? Silhouettes, other simple shapes and repeating patterns all seem like exciting possibilities.

moss silhouettes

The first thing you will need to create is a template for your design….like this one made by edina todoki.

philodendron template

You can buy a moss milkshake (which will generally take at least a year to cultivate) from Moss Acres or again you can make your own with this recipe:

Mix in a blender :

  • Several clumps of moss
  • 1 pot of natural yoghurt or 12oz buttermilk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Using a paint brush and the template, paint the mixture where you desire moss to grow. You can augment this with clumps of moss attached to the backing boards covering the shape. It will take time to grow and it must be kept damp with a spray bottle. Moss thrives in damp areas so if you have to grow it indoors make sure you spray it with water frequently. Outside, consider keeping it in a shaded area where it will be less likely to dry out.

moss silhouette

moss silhouette

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