log house garden shed modern shed work space

Downed trees, woodstacking and what do do with all the mess are on my mind.  How interesting is this beautiful garden building?  It is the office of musician Hans Liberg, it was designed by Piet Hein Eek, and was photographed by Thomas Mayer.

modern log cabin

Want to know the best part of this design?  It is totally mobile.  The whole thing is a trailer on wheels and the wood at the bottom is stacked underneath the frame to make the look of a continuous foundation.  Very clever.

5 Responses to Shed Style: Rolling Log House

  1. I like this because with the windows closed I think you could fool an inspector into thinking its just a very neat woodpile, and thus get away with an auxiliary structure in your backyard.

  2. This structure is very AWESOME! Just like what [email protected] said above you can definitely fool an inspector. Also with that type of structure you can just sit in the comfort and watch the wild life pass by and alot of people really dont get that close to wild life. Once again awesome structure.

  3. This is fantastic. Love the design and layout of the wood trees. Keep up the good work.

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