I have to share with you a site (Blue Stem Nurseries) that has been cluttering my desktop for days now (I just can’t shut the window down!)….there is just so much information there it has taken me a while to get through it all.   Susan Cohan turned me on to this place via twitter.  They sell all sorts of willow rods to make willow structures.  They are totally sold out for this year, so an order now, might not be fulfilled until 2010 but I am already planning.  I really want to make a living tunnel or two for my little people.  Blue Stem Nurseries offers  around 50 different varieties of willow and choices can be made for stem color, habitat, height, and usage.

willow tunnel by Fiona Lewitt

willow tunnel

image by Fiona Lewitt

ok – now I can close the window and know I can come back to this….ahhh…I love this blog for that.

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