I am feeling really lazy today….my coffee simply has not yet kicked in.  I was casting about for garden of the day shots, when my mind started to drift into thoughts about how much I love boxwood.  It would be my perfect plant if except for one thing, the smell.  But I can live with it…I have 2 cats that I also love more than they can put me off.

Anyway, I wandered over to flickr to try and satisfy my dreamy lazy mood with a collage of boxwood, when I discovered Moline had already created just what I was looking for, and given my laziness, I found it satisfied me completely.   I can’t wait for spring and pretty green boxwood.  Thanks Moline.

Buxus love

1. wired buxus, 2. Buxus balls for sale / Buxusbollen te koop, 3. a late summer day, 4. buxus, 5. tuinvaas 2, 6. buxus, 7. 17 times green, 8. Greenery, 9. Tiger in the Jungle., 10. Perigord01, 11. Les jardins de Marqueyssac, 12. curlylocks boxwood, 13. il labirinto, 14. DSCN2593, 15. Les jardins de Marqueyssac, 16. Necklace

2 Responses to Buxus Love

  1. I also suffer from Buxus Love Rochelle.

    Their use is somewhat limited here in Michigan but they are adaptable to most sites.

    I love contemporary designs with a grid of globe boxwood.

    Chris Heiler
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  2. Thank you so much for posting something about me and reminding me of this buxus as well. I’ll be very happy when the first rays of sun peek into our garden and I can be in the garden again. Should definitely get more buxus.
    Planning a shady garden with lots of different foliage – stay tuned!

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