I have to say, I am so sorry to be missing this year’s third and final annual display of Kiku (Japanese for chrysanthemum) at the New York Botanical Garden.

kiku at the nybg chrysanthemum

kiku chrysanthemum at the NYBG

It is a celebration of the ancient horticultural traditions and brilliant autumn color of chrysanthemums and Japanese garden plants.  Kiku (chrysanthemums) have been meticulously trained into amazing floral sculptures and set amongst fiery maples, dazzling bamboo, Japanese black pines, and emerald conifers to celebrate the autumn season.

New york botanical garden NYBG chrysanthemum bonsai

kiku at the NYBG chrysanthemum

The flickr set is awe inspiring, the mums are trained into astonishing towers, organized rows, large swags, and tiny tree forms — and these are not floral arrangements, they are live plants.

New york botanical garden NYBG chrysanthemum kiku
You can find out more about Kiku, and you still have little time to visit (it is open until the 15th of Nov.), at the NYBG website.

chrysanthemums at the NYBG kiku

All images by Ivo M. Vermeulen

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