Butterfly tattoo easter eggs in collected nests by rochelle greayer www.pithandvigor.com

I had a hunch that my kid’s temporary tattoos might be my easy trick for making interesting eggs this year.  I love how they are a more earthy version of the easter egg. It turns out the idea to use temporary tattoos works pretty well, with a few pointers (see below).

I opted for the ‘of-the-season’ butterfly collection, but I think that some of the graphic patterns – perhaps some celtic symbols (Easter is an evolution of a Celtic and Pagan holidays, after all) might be nice too for something a bit edgier.  I think they are quite sweet nestled in some found nests and will be a great table top decoration this weekend for our holiday dinner.

Butterfly tattoo easter eggs in collected nests by rochelle greayer www.pithandvigor.com

 Tips for Tattooing Easter Eggs

  1. Cold eggs don’t work.  Mine are hard boiled (which I highly reccommend) and I like this decoration because it doesn’t compromise my desire to still eat the egg (i.e. nothing toxic applied).   But if you boil the eggs and chill them, you must let them come back to room temperature.  The tattoos simply will not stick to cold egg shells.
  2. Wet eggs don’t work either.  Not even a little.  If your egg is wet, dry it off and then let it sit and dry off some more.  Egg shells must hold water or something because even towel drying them until they look dry doesn’t work….they must be bone dry.  Give them an hour or so to air dry…you need to let them come to room temp anyway.
  3. Smaller transfers work better….but with careful hands a bigger pattern will work.  As soon as you have it where you want it have a wet sponge ready to saturate the tattoo and make the transfer.

Good Luck and if you do try this out, let us see how it turns out. Share it on instagram with the hashtag #pithandvigor

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2 Responses to Easy Earthy Tattoo Easter Eggs

  1. Great to do with the kids and what I like best is no mess! No what we tried that looked awesome this year, the gold and silver tattoos that look like jewelry. They have different shapes and designs that look like earrings and other shapes but they look like shiny medal. They really are cool looking.

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