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Over the new year I had an amazing opportunity to learn first hand about the cut flower industry in the state of  California.  I haven’t had the chance to compile our adventure into a few posts (I can’t wait to share!) but suffice to say, in all my efforts to support and help my own community, local farmers and growers (through the Harvard Farmers Market), I never fully considered the cut flower industry as I have local food producers.

But for all the same economic, ethical, sustainability, and communal reasons it is important to be aware of where your cut flowers come from. Flower farmers face many of the same challenges that other local farmers do and their US based industry has dwindled to just a fraction of what it once was.

Debra Prinzing recently wrote a book (Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm) that encourages and helps imagine floristry that is seasonal and sourced close to home.  And why wouldn’t you want that?   The soul of a bouquet is truly in the beautiful gift of nature – and if that gift can connect you with what is just beyond the front door, it is that much more alluring.

To help you and I and the industry make the ‘local’ flower connection Debra has been raising money through an idiegogo campaign that will be used to set up a website.  The Slow Flower site will enable florists who use locally grown flowers and buyers find each other all across the country.  It is pretty simple really – like a digital farmers market for flowers.   If you want to support the site, you can chip in to the indiegogo campaign or if you can’t swing that, you can still sign up at the site so that as the site is built and populated you can learn about growers and florists in your own area.


9 Responses to Slow Flowers: An Online Farmers Market For Flowers

  1. Rochelle, your encouragement for Debra’s campaign is appreciated. This is a resource that we’ve needed for some time and I am certainly grateful for Debra’s passion and commitment to making it a reality. Now when I get asked by media and others where they can go to be assured they are buying American Grown flowers, my only answer will be SlowFlowers.com. Its that valuable.

    California Cut Flower Commission

  2. I’m glad I came across this blog. We all read stories about family farms becoming more of a rarity, and all the hoopla around GMO’s, but I hadn’t stopped to consider cut flower farmers. Fresh flowers are a gift, we must support fresh flower farmers as well as our local farmers. Thanks for the post and links, Rochelle.

  3. Thank you Rochelle for highlighting and sharing this great resource for farmers, farmer-florists and consumers! We can’t wait for the Slow Flowers launch and looking forward to your posts on #CAGROWN flowers!

  4. America is falling in Love with “SLOW FLOWERS”… and the concept of supporting the American Flower Farmer… as the Host of the CA Grown Experience on uBloom… (a documentary about the CA Flower Farmer)… I know first hand how off shore flower importing has impacted the flower industry… I’m So Thankful that Debra has joined forces with so many that Champion “Slow Flowers”…

    Host of “The CA Grown Experience on uBloom.com
    Author “Fun with Flowers”

  5. What a wonderful blog! Thank you for your insights and behind the scenes look the Rose Parade and supporting Debra’s Slow Flower Movement!


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