Though not an ensemble that I could or would want to personally wear, I find she inspires a moody and shy feeling.  Perhaps a bit reclusive.  The garden that forms up in my mind is not bright and sunny, but rather more contemplative, quiet and sequestered.  A place I would  be drawn to.

guynesofss beaded draped dress fashion sketch illustration gray silver dress

fashion sketch by guynesofss

The Japanese garden at Ginkaku-ji was designed by the great landscape artist Soami.  The sand garden of Ginkaku-ji seems to share a similar spirit.
Japanese sand garden Ginkaku-ji landscape artist Soami
1. Zen Garden, 2. Ginkaku-ji Sand Garden, 3. Ginkaku-ji. Raindrops keep falling on…

The Silver Creek Garden in Bellingham WA, though of a completely different style, similarly catches the same mood. The color of the stone and the focus on it, makes for a garden that, like this model, has a hard edge that (to me) screams out for some softening.

silver creek garden bellingham washington
1. Gravel Garden, 2. Garden bench, 3. Gravel Garden

I like the idea of breaking up the gray with some color.

fashion inspired gardens monkshood and birch gray and silver with a splash of pink
1. IMG_1791, 2. Foxglove against Birch

Some of my favorite silver or silver accented plants would be beautiful in this silver gray garden.

dusty miller euphorbia glacier blue painted fern silver plants gray
1. Euphorbia ‘Glacier Blue’, 2. Organic Filigree, 3. Nature’s Paint Brush

Here are some silver gray accents that would take this garden right over the top….but maybe not all of them at once.

silver garden accent inspirations modern roman
1. Garden Fountain, 2. Garden Urn, 3. silver fern leaf ball, 4. Silver Balls, 5. dunny reality distortion field, 6. ‘Tree of Life’ (Longleat), 7. Scent of a Roman:1, 8. Deadly Artichoke (front view)

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