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I was online yesterday checking all the groups for the upcoming World Cup tournament in South Africa.  Are you excited for the tournament?  I am.  I love it. I can’t wait — and I am excited for  South Africa to be the hosts.

I have this sense that the whole of South Africa is gearing up and is super excited for the coming event.  Are you making the trip?   If you are, Soerksershof gardens is by all accounts a worthwhile place to squeeze in a visit to in between games.

It is a cactus garden in the heart of the South African Wine Country. When current owners Yvonne and Herman bought the place and they planned to fix up the house and then travel the country  (being Dutch born and wanting to explore).   But as they stared to clear weeds from the garden the discovered rare cacti and learned with some research that the property had once been owned by Marthinus Malherbe.

Marthinus Malherbe was the man who introduced cacti to South Africa from the America’s.  Their discovery lead to an outdoor collection of over 2500 cacti and succulents and  a garden that features a variety of land art projects and artisans, the largest hedge maze in the world, and a cacti labyrinth among other things.

It’s funny how life can surprise you, Herman and Yvonne have continued to develop the gardens and it is now open to the public for regular visits. It sounds and looks like a truly beautiful and inspirational place. Oh and if you are planning to attend the games and are looking for a place to stay– I have a friend who is planning to rent out her house…I would be happy to pass along her contacts.

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  1. Cactii are so sculptural and fascinating. Too bad they have all those thorns. This garden really is well done and arranged so beautifully.

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