Have you ever had a time where you just can’t get it together….life starts coming at you so fast, that there is nothing to do but just take it minute by minute and hope you make all your deadlines….that is where I am right now….and strangely I can’t figure out why.  I had this vision that the kids would go back to school and suddenly everything would get easier. Wrong!!  Shockingly (to me) exactly the opposite has happened.  Admittedly, this is the little busy season — not quite as big as the big busy season (late spring) — but it is fall planting time and combined with a whole lotta other stuff —  wow,…this year is really bordering on more than I can handle.

Regardless — I am persevering…I ripped about 300 beautiful red geraniums out of a project earlier this week.  Many went to the compost pile, but a few garbage bags full are sitting in front of my house ready to be treated with a little TLC that will hopefully give them what they need to get through the winter and be beautiful yet again next summer.

red geranium

image by  Virginia Sanderson

My strategy involves putting my unused crawl space to good use and making the things go dormant.  I have visions of my mother’s basement with grow lights and musty dirt smells — and I am not sure that is for me….I am hoping that putting them into dormancy and then hanging them upside down while keeping their roots moist occasionally through the winter will work…have you done this successfully? …advice always gladly accepted.

Since my own time at the moment is limited for doing pretty and exhaustive round-ups of good garden design ideas….I thought I might share some one else’s….this a  great post over at Houzz that is full of ideas for garden walls.

DOD contemporary landscape

This week proves to be more the same craziness…I am really missing my at least double daily dose of writing about my favorite things…perhaps after the completion of a couple more installations, a couple other writing projects, my husbands birthday, my sisters wedding, and a visit from my grandparents, I will have some time back for myself and studio ‘g’…but for the next 5 or 6 days, expect more of the same; I will be here when I can and I will be longing for being here when I am not.

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