Do you grow Hellebores?  If you don’t, you ought to think about it.  The colors and exotic nature of these early spring (even winter) blooming flowers are just the jolt of garden bliss that I need about this time of year.   Though they are stunning, I wouldn’t say they are particularly great for floral arrangements because, like in the garden, their flower faces tend to face the down and to see them well, you would have to be about 4 inches tall.  But if you cut them and float them in a bowl like Rosie 55 you will be able to enjoy their full beauty.

By Rosie 55


images 1 – 12.  Hellebore Portraits 2010 by Rosie 55

Other names to look for in the garden center are Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose — they are all the same.  The plant is easy to grow and will generally be happy in partial shade with well drained but moist soil.

I have planted my own near a low kitchen window where I can sit at my kitchen table and actually see under their nodding heads and enjoy their flowers from the warmth of my home.  If you have a similar place like that great, but if not, perhaps consider potting them up.  I particularly like this arrangement of Hellebores with Carex Buchanii (with a full how to) over at Gardeners World.


For more general information on Hellebores check out Hellebores.org which has probably the most comprehensive information I have seen online.

7 Responses to Hellebore Portraits

  1. Those are lovely! I love the photographs too. Nice post! I’ve never grown those before. Can you tell me if they are very fragrant? I have severe allergies and try avoid things that are fragrant or require a great deal of maintenance.

  2. I love this page and how you organized the blooms. Hellebores ( Lenten Rose ) is one of my favorite plants and I use it on every design where there is shade. I also use Japanese Painted Fern and Heuchera with it. Thanks for putting together this awesome page.

  3. Thanks for the info about the fragrance, I might have to try some of those someday. I really do like the look of them.

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