Trend #6 -Brown exudes luxury
Brown as a feature in the landscape? Doesn’t that have a negative connotation (dead leaves, brown field, bare dirt)?  No! I love that this is a trend, because it allows me to celebrate one of my all time favorite plants. ….Carex ‘Comans Bronze’… Yes I have planted it for clients and they have inquired about it’s health but in the end it’s endless sophistication brings style to any space.
Carex comans red
Carex comans red
Resin Containers let you go big without too much extra cost. The Madison Container in Old Bronze is a beautiful shade of brown that sets off almost any plant and you can get it in sizes up to 48”. Start channeling your inner Ian Schrager.
Brown Containers from Cresecent Garden
Planters for a residential client of Greayer Design Associates in Westport, CT using the Madison Containers.

I love these planters…I own a few myself (in white) but they are really great for hotels and restaurants – durable and modern.

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