This is a great garden, so outside of the normal vision of what a ‘garden’ should be.  Apparently popular in the 1700’s, Auriculas are are so charming when framed and shelved in an Auricula Theater.   Are you crafty?  You could make this in an afternoon and dress up a garden wall, I am thinking it would be perfect in a child’s garden area.

auricula theater primula garden wall garden 1700 design

image by tpholland

I love these little plants.  They seem like little collectibles to me.  I can’t help myself to create a little eye candy collection of these flowers.

Aricula Theater inspiration1. auriculas, 2. DSC_0385, 3. DSC_0440, 4. DSC_0439, 5. Auricula Theatre, Calke Abbey, 6. The Connaught Hotel 13/03/09, 7. DSC_0441, 8. The Auricula Theater, 9. Primula, 10. Auricula quintet

My knowledge of the history of these is limited, only to know that there are references to being pupular in England in the 1700’s does anyone know a bit more about the origins of this little trend?

7 Responses to Make an Auricula (Primula) Garden Theater

  1. It’s because the round centres of the flowers look like eyes! Dozens and dozens of cartoony little eyes smiling out at you. I love it!

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