I am researching ideas for my next version of Can You Make This Into A Garden…but I am giving you a sneak preview because I just can’t help myself. I once again picked a Fashion illustration by Can’t Not Know (a favorite of mine) and coming up with my garden I came across the Strange Wonderful Things website. Strange Wonderful Things is an Ebay shop that sells really interesting and rare plants – most of which I have never seen before.
Do you think it is possible that this dress design wasn’t inspired by these flowers? I am in awe of the colors and wish that some of these were currently available to buy. If you are into the unique and extraordinary, then you should take a look at some of the other offerings.

strange wonderful things exotic plants ebay store fashion garden inspirationTurquoise Ixia, Ixia viridiflora from South Africa<br /> Turquoise Puya, Puya berteroniana from Chile and<br />

So you have a sneak peek at what is coming…I have lots of ideas to share, but if you have something you think would be great in this ladies’ garden…let me know and I will work to include it!

Plants pictured: Turquoise Ixia, Ixia viridiflora from South Africa
Turquoise Puya, Puya berteroniana from Chile and
“Fiesta” Bomarea from Ecuador

3 Responses to Strange Wonderful Things

  1. Those turquoise flowers are out of this world! I have to hunt around to see if I can find anything similar in the cut flower market…

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