I have to admit, coming across the Earth Sea Warrior’s kitschy curiosities come airplant holders left me quite distracted by all things Etsy.   Want to see what I came up with during a recent foray into the behemoth craft product website in search of a few garden inspired pieces?

airplant head

Earth Sea Warrior’s  mix of doll heads and quirky objects and otherwise cast offs from a past era are made remarkably modern and sometimes  disturbingly interesting with the simple addition of a plant.

whale airplanter

german doll head planter

This German industrial doll head planter is so creepy cool, I would love put it out for Halloween.   I am so inspired by what can become a plant container.

instant faucet handle collection

Do you collect things?  I don’t but I am surrounded by family who does.   I always think that if I were to start a collection (because everyone always wants me to have a collection that they can gift to me), I would have to collect something like vintage water faucet valves….because why not?  Start your collection at Sushi Pot Parts.

hand forged garden tools

Well made tools never go out of style….these beauties are created by Pennsylvania based Noah Tools.

hand forged BBQ tools

Spatula, Fork and Steak Turner, this hand forged BBQ set is available from Art in Iron.

zen garden desk top organizer

I think if I could get my desk cleared (once and for all) – I might enjoy contemplating the arrangement of a Desktop Zen Garden.  Some of the compartments are coated on the inside with liquid glass making them suitable for plants and as vases…others resemble mountains and stones….and then of course there is the pencil holders.  By Karolin Felix.


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