aakash party plot india

image by hpk

The idea of a giant classy outdoor ballroom is completely fascinating.  The Akash party plot located in India, is just that.  Such a thing just doesn’t exist in the US, but in India, I guess there are many events held in places like this.  The design firm of Landscape India created the beautiful effects and lighting of the space.  The criss cross scaffolding over the huge field suspend lights that are meant to resemble stars and moons at night and the effect is quite pretty.  (click over to the  landscape india portfolio for animated images of the lighting plan throughout this party garden coming to life from darkness to brighter color — a very cool effect I wish I saw on more lighting designers websites!)

aakash party plot india landscape design

I think to make such a large and functional space/ garden/ landscape like this beautiful and functional would be a unique challenge but more than anything I am fascinated by the unique cultural differences that lead to the creation of this type of place.  As cool as this is, if someone where to build an outdoor ‘party plot’ that could house a gathering of thousands, would it even get rented? I kinda think it wouldn’t be a money maker, but it is fun to imagine.

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  1. I think climate may have some bearing on the apparent absence- but… in the southwest there is a tradition of outdoor plazas for people to meet and dance and eat (kinda like in Italy,etc..) in. Love these pics!

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